How do you improve your knowledge in the profession or career you have chosen? Are you keeping up with all the new social media opportunities? Do you attend workshops, seminars or take some form of classroom or online study?

It is important to keep honing our skills and to be aware of new ways of doing things. Technology is one of the fastest changing elements in any field. It is constantly evolving with new systems and ideas. Are you aware of all these new approaches and their success rates?

It is a great idea to get out of your comfort zone to attend a workshop or seminar. You will always pickup an idea or two to help keep your presentations to your clientele fresh. Generally speaking, there are three types of people that attend meetings to help improve their knowledge…do you recognize yourself in any of the attendees listed below?

Are you a Prisoner? Were you told you had to attend and you really don’t want to be there? Are you worried about the amount of work and phone calls you will have to catch up on when you return to the office? Are you constantly looking at your watch hoping it will be over soon? Maybe you’re the artist that likes to doodle and draw great pictures. 

Are you a Vacationer? You have the chance to be out of work, away from the stresses and workload for a while.  You are not really attending for the content but you enjoy having conversations with everyone around you. Maybe you are hoping that the lunch being served will be delicious. Maybe you are the electronic communicator, more interested in the emails and texts you are receiving and sending.

Or are you an Explorer? You have been given the opportunity to learn something new and find ways to implement these ideas to improve your level of professionalism. Maybe you will be reminded of something you have used in the past in your presentation and for whatever reason you stopped using it. You are an attentive and willing participant in the hopes that you will pick up more suggestions and ideas for your repertoire.

With an ever changing market and landscape, it is important to keep up with the times. We need to continually improve ourselves. We should attend available functions in our field to stay current, learn new things and improve who we are and how we do things.

Let’s all be explorers in life.

Henry Ninaber, Eastern Trainer, iA-SAL

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