Welcome to Canadian Auto News. Thank you for taking time from your busy day to explore our new auto industry e-paper. Launched to fill an information void within the new and used Canadian Auto Dealers, our new e-paper is packed with Canadian product information, company listings, industry classifieds and a bit of humor. The main focus of Canadian Auto News is {{more}} to keep General, Business andᅠSales Managers informed of new and innovative changes within the Canadian Auto industry.ᅠ Have you ever wondered ifᅠyou had all the informationᅠyou need, to doᅠyour job. How did that customer get financed somewhere else, whenᅠyou thought youᅠhad tried every source? Was there another source out there? Didᅠyou have all the available information?
Every dealer asksᅠthe same questions;

What’s New Out There?

Where can I get this customer financed?

How do I find a great Business Manager?

What kind of software is out there?

Who does etching?

Where can I find cars that fit my lot?

and much more…..

These questionsᅠdemonstrate thatᅠthere is just not enough information getting to the dealers. Canadian Auto News has been created to help Canadian auto dealers find critical information, when it’s needed most, right now! Maybe it’s a list of Warranty Companies, a wholesaler that can find you that perfect vehicle or maybe a GPS system. Canadian Auto News will supply dealers with a one-stop information source, to keepᅠyouᅠcompetitive and the deals rolling. Please take a few moments to look through our articles, advertisers, classifieds and yellow pages. We look forward to your suggestions and comments. Have a great 2007, from Canadian Auto News!