Your customers don’t buy cars the way your salespeople have been trained to sell them. Factory Intervention in the retail sales game has changed things. Zero interest rates, huge factory cash rebates, Internet information and retail prices reduced to transactional pricing’ have impacted on the buying approach of your customers.ᅠThe result?ᅠ
1st Reality Check: Your customers don’t buy cars the way your salespeople have been trained to sell them. Today, with the internet, now your customers have been educated to talk price from the get go.ᅠThey are focused on the latest program, the best incentive available not your vehicle.ᅠMany customers appear to be impatient to get to numbers.ᅠ
2nd Reality Check: The rules of the game have changed.ᅠ Most of your salespeople don’t cope well with these aggressive prospects.ᅠ {{more}}ᅠ And it costs you and your salespeople.ᅠToo many real buyers are walked, too many deals are lower profit than need be, too many low commissions and too many salespeople quit our business as a result. The rules of the game have changed when it comes to selling automobiles at your dealership today! Has it occurred to you that maybe “the basics” don’t work anymore? YOU BET!!ᅠᅠ Your present customer is very different from what he was in the 70’s through the 90’s.ᅠ Selling approaches that you and your sales team take for granted aren’t working.ᅠ
3rd Reality Check: The old basics are not working! Here is only one important example. Most sales managers and most sales trainers still insist on the so-called basic ‘meet and greet’ for every showroom walk-in.ᅠ The old ideal was meet all prospects with a warm, friendly smile, a warm friendly greeting, then take them to your warm, friendly desk to counsel with them. Great in theory. But, today the theory is fatally flawed. It would work, of course, if all your customers were Mr or Ms. Nice People warm, friendly, cuddly customers who are delighted to meet your salesperson and can’t wait for his highly stimulating presentation.
4th Reality Check: Your customers are graduates from the New Buyer’s School. Today, 50 % of your showroom prospects, do not fit the classic ‘meet and greet’ model your salespeople have been trained to use!ᅠ Why is it not working and often annoying to your customers? These internet informed people are ‘in your face’ type buyers.ᅠ I call them the ‘Don Cherry School of Buyer’.ᅠ “Rock’em, sock’em, take the salesperson to the boards quick,” technique. Your clients take control quickly.ᅠ The first thing these buyers say to your calm, pleasant, go-by-the book salesperson is, “Do you work here?ᅠ I’m in a hurry and I just want your best price.” ᅠOr the price shopper, whose opening greeting is,ᅠ “What’s your ‘best price’ on that blue Wombat over there?ᅠ If your price is right, I’ll be-back.”ᅠᅠ
5th Reality Check :Most of your salespeople fail the grade when they are tested by these buyers.ᅠ They don’t know how to handle this aggressive’ customer.ᅠ They misread his aggressive words and attitude as if he or she were not a buyer!ᅠᅠᅠ
6th Reality Check: Your customers are more prepared to buy than salespeople are prepared to sell!ᅠᅠCustomers today only come to your dealership when they are informed and prepared to take on your sales consultant. The facts are: They have completed their decision making process, have a need to buy, have a vehicle in mind, know the prices, think they know the payments and are just shopping for a sales consultant to help them finalize the transaction.
7th Reality Check: Most sales consultants don’t close. Your sales people are still convinced that your customer is just looking’.ᅠ Your sales consultants think your buyers are just starting to shop because of what they hear at the beginning of the sale.ᅠ I’m not buying today, I just want your best price.ᅠ These graduates from the New Buyers School are so convincing that your salespeople don’t try to even close most of the time.

The Reality Check: If you are depending on old sales ideas and training, you are not competing well today.ᅠ Sales people need to be skilled, flexible and professional in their sales presentations today.ᅠ Or they fail.


Over the next several editions of Canadian Auto News we will focus on the how to of improving the sales process to improve the buying experience and increase your sales and profits.

Dave Kemp is President of Automotivator Professional Development.ᅠ A car industry expert with decades of success training Canada’s most achieving and profitable automobile dealerships.ᅠ He has been a successful dealer, General Manager, Sales manager and sales consultant and has shared his sales strategies with thousands of sales team members across North America..ᅠ Contact info.ᅠwww.Automotivator.comᅠ EmailᅠDave@Automotivator.comᅠ 1-800-668-0362