People tend to buy from people they like AND respect, people like people like themselves.
But…I find it difficult to be liked or respected by some people and/or cultures    True or False?

This is probably true for most of us.

I judge by results and my ability to close sales skyrocketed when I realized I had “been had” by a big fat training fib, well, two fibs really:  The fibs were “people buy from people they like” and it was compounded by a fibbed stat that said this was true “71%” of the time! Really?  Not 68% or 74%?  I feel almost embarrassed that I used to fall for whatever BS some sales guru would tell me.

Reader, if you are only liked, you may get some sales, but you will miss the lion’s share of them.  If people don’t respect you, they can’t listen to you or believe you.  They will buy from you if it’s convenient, but they won’t go out of their way to buy from you, or allow you to prod or persuade them.

How do you get them to like AND respect you?  Two ways:  mirror their full communication style AND do and say the hard, but true things, that other sales people avoid.  

This requires you to be very attentive and flexible in your approach and to get to the heart of the matter regarding the important aspects of your sale as soon as you sense you have rapport. 

Deadly to this are Sales Managers that won’t meet your traffic, slowing down the sale, avoiding price and payments, insisting the buyer communicate the way you like, looking at the trade at the end of the sale, dealing with only certain demographics…these are all killing your career.  The real magic is when and how to handle these things!

When your customer hops onto their smart phone, it’s a signal that you are losing them, and the sale.   

Obtain and sustain good FLOW with your customers.  All of them.  Have at least 50 closes that can roll off of your tongue, be accessible, have fun and value your customers time.

Remember, in sales, you usually only get one chance. 

Create a great day and go sell something!

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Duane Marino
Your Friend in the Training Business