How are your new years resolutions holding up?  I think they are a joke and out of principle I refuse to make them.

Let’s step into our common sense corner for a moment. Every day is the first day in the rest of your life.  There’s a reason why so few new years resolutions are achieved.  On one day, while often dealing with the ramifications of self induced blood poisoning (being drunk) we profess to the universe that we are going to change some deeply ingrained habit that probably has entrenched itself in our environment, relationships and nervous systems for thousands of days.duane marino

Reader, where are all these new years resolvers the other 364 days?  Probably telling themselves that they will tackle their bad habits next year.

A better year starts with committing to better weeks and months, and those are just a bunch of better days stuck together.  Building a better you must become a daily habit.

Good or bad habits die hard.

Review your goals, gratitudes, habits and behaviours for one to ten minutes every day and cultivate and analyse a better you, a better career and a better life. Take the time to plan it just as you would if you were renovating your house.  Look at yourself from front to back, left to right and top to bottom! Leave NO stone unturned in your pursuit of a better life and career, everyday!!  Question everything.  Believe nothing.  Make results, truth, simplicity and effectiveness your number one priority!  Complexity and low self awareness are the enemies of execution.

Great ideas are always easy to execute.

For things to change for you, things must change about you!

Now, create a great day and go sell something!

Duane Marino
Your Friend in the Training Business                       

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