A new kind of recruiting and training company, OneUp Automotive, Inc., is putting Millennial, military veterans and other green pea talent into auto dealerships having been fully prepared when they arrive to close Ups, manage social media and marketing, staff Internet departments, answer phones and greet guests.

Co-founded by a 24-year-old Millennial and her automotive industry veteran father, OneUp Automotive  specializes in recruiting, training and developing individuals having no prior car dealership employment history and equipping them to deliver the kind of engaging experience preferred by  today’s car buyers.

“The traditional dealership model is rapidly fading away and with it old stereotypes. Today’s car dealership environment is clean and business-like and hungers for educated, technology-oriented and life-seasoned talent,” Jessie O’Brien noted.

Dealers’ ability to staff new talent that has been well acclimated to the car dealership environment is an important part of the car dealership turnover solution. The OneUp Automotive system not only gives new talent that has not worked in a car dealership before the right skills needed to succeed but also develops expectations that help them grow into long-term associates.

The O’Brien’s bring a unique dynamic to automotive sales recruiting – a fresh, Millennials perspective for younger recruits, young military veterans – and a seasoned yet unconventional approach for older candidates such as retirees, moms, and others recruited from other retail environments.

“Our objective is to help auto retailers address their sales production and overall turnover issues,” said Jessie O’Brien. “We’re able to provide this solution by bringing to them the right talent that’s been thoroughly oriented, trained and prepared to embrace the realities of the car business and hit the floor ready for action.

“We’ve created a hybrid of classic, old-school selling techniques, crossed with digitally oriented, efficient, transparent and effective engagement that wins dealership customers’ trust and earns their business,” she said.

“Did Jessie mention we offer dealers a 90-day money-back guarantee?” her father asked.

After earning her degree in Marketing in 2012, Jessie O’Brien worked for SocialDealer, a leading social media marketing company, providing client services. She then joined a leading automotive industry software company. There, she was a top producer in sales, deployment, training and consulting.

John O’Brien, a 1992 graduate of NADA’s Dealer candidate program, has held a variety of industry positions. He most recently was vice president of Sales for AutoAlert, National Sales Director for DealerSocket, VP of Sales for The Higher Gear Group and Director of Sales for ADP Dealer Services. His dealership experience includes that as general manager for the Bob Rohrman Auto Group, the 15th-largest U.S. dealership group for over 10 years.

OneUp Automotive:

  • Recruits: Identifies and recruits talent from universities and colleges, military veterans and veteran programs, and social media and career websites and through
  • Trains: On sales techniques and strategies and orients recruits to the dealership environment and processes, using classroom, role-play, interactive video and other learning techniques.
  • Matches: Matches talent with employers and vice versa. Recruits receive personality testing to identify particular characteristics and learning needs to help in initial training and development and the dealership’s management of the recruit.
  • Supports: Provides 30-, 60- and 90-day follow-up refresher sessions with each recruit, shares results with their employer, and through alumni’s OneUp Automotive University shares best practices and network.

For more information, call 224-633-9917 or visit http://www.OneUp Automotive.com

About OneUp Automotive

OneUp Automotive, Inc. was founded in 2015 to address auto dealership’s need to more productively engage consumer car-shopping in the 21st century and to reduce turnover by employing staff better trained and prepared to thrive in the automotive retail environment.

Visit OneUp Automotive.com (http://www.OneUp Automotive.com).

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