When dealing with adversity and set backs, it’s important to know that the only way to learn this “skill” is by being in adversity and set backs.  The bigger the hole, the bigger the ladder.

     I went through more adversity before I turned 25 than most people get in their entire lives.  Those compressed events (most of which you can read about here http://www.duanemarino.com/bio   forced me to grow rapidly in so many unplanned ways I could not even begin to list them.  I knew I had to evolve or dissolve.  Having so many “negative” life and business events at such an early age essentially forced me to search for solutions for myself.  I then started to teach others what I was using and learning.

      About 8 years ago, my parents came to visit me at one of my homes, and my mother actually started to cry while sitting on my couch 30 stories above the city, while staring out the window at the water.  “Duane, you really saved yourself and turned your life into something special.  When you were about 20 I used read the newspaper in the mornings and I always read the front page, and then the back page, expecting to find you there.”  As you know, accidents and crime are on the front page, and obituaries on the back.  “You were in that bad shape.” she said.

     Anyone can roll with the good times.  As some of you know, my daughter and son are both on soccer scholarships.  My daughter just graduated from her fourth year in Louisiana and will be getting her Masters and my son just finished his first in Iowa. My daughter, who was team captain this year, had a complete Achilles tendon rupture half way through her season during a home game, right in front of me. My son fell on the ice walking to class and hit the back of his head so hard he knocked himself out and it resulted in a severe concussion that he is still being treated for and had to miss spring training.  It’s amazing to watch these two young adults deal with this.  Everyone would rather avoid these sorts of things, but there are lessons embedded in these tough times that will benefit them long term more than a few more soccer games.

     We all go through set backs, and hardships.  The real lessons in life are in how we CHOOSE to deal with them, not in the events themselves.  In this game of life and sales, we choose some of the cards, and some of them are dealt to us.  But the real art and choice is in how we play the cards in our hand at any given time.

     As Les Brown says “misery is either in our house, just leaving or on it’s way”.  So true.  Everything changes and is impermanent.  We will all have to turn in all of our prized possessions and stuff at some point, get sick, grow old and die;  and not necessarily in that order.  Suffering is part of living.  The joy is in understanding what this really means so that we can enjoy each passing moment better and become more each and every day.

     I would never want any of my hardships repeated but I’m grateful for each and every one of them.  I’m more patient, tolerant, compassionate and wise because of them. 

Create a great day and go sell something!

Duane Marino
Your Friend in the Training Business

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